Cool Applications For Your Apple IPhone – Get The Best and Most of Your IPhone with Amazing Apple iPhone Apps

07 Jul

Cool Applications For Your Apple IPhone – Get The Best and Most of Your IPhone with Amazing Apple iPhone Apps

When you think of what all can you do with your iPhone, the list is really long. Those apps which you get with your iPhone are just the beginning. The Apple Store gets you more than 200,000, yes that’s right two hundred thousand applications and counting… So you can’t stop getting more out of this hot Apple gadget. Then, what are you waiting for, get started by downloading those really cool iPhone apps right now. Well, if you are confused, which is obvious due to the number of options available, we’ve got a list the cool iPhone apps for you. Keep scrolling and downloading…

Cool Applications for Your Apple iPhone

While most of you start your day with the newspaper, why not get the best iPhone apps for keeping up to date. With NYTimes, access the latest news articles and photos on your Apple iPhone. You can also customize the toolbar for easy access of favorite sections of

While you manage your meetings, clients, projects and other business work, iPhone makes the best business partner with the most useful iPhone apps. 1Password is one of the best apps for your iPhone which remembers your sensitive data, including various user names, passwords, credit card numbers, account numbers and much more so that you don’t have to. This application uses multilayer security and powerful encryption so that your private data is safe. 1Password is an award-winning password and identity manager which is amongst the top 10 iPhone apps and is available at a price of $6.99.

Best Jokes 500
If you want to get out of that hectic day and have some time laughing out loudly, you can download this app for free. Best Jokes 500 is one of the best free cool iPhone apps that will crack you up with the most hilarious and funny one liners. These jokes from funny comedy legends like Woody Allen, Rodney Dangerfield, George Burns, Steven Wright, Rita Rudner and many others are the best to have a fun-filled break during your routine. With a ‘shake’ or ‘tap’ on your iPhone you can move on to the next joke.

Read Me Stories – Children’s Books
If you are searching for the best cool iPhone apps for kids, you must definitely go through this. With Read Me Stories get a new talking picture book daily which is the best way to teach your kids new concepts in language, news words and how to say them. Your kids can learn the extremely useful core skills of reading and speaking. During the free trail, you get to read 7 amazing books!

What’s Your IQ?
This is amongst the new cool iPhone apps. With What’s Your IQ get a chance to take challenging quizzes and know how smart you are. You get this app for free, so what are you waiting for, check your IQ with one of the must have iPhone apps.

iBird Explorer Backyard
If you love to explore the nature, bird explorer is the best app for you. Just download iBird Explorer Backyard before heading outdoors and grab your binoculars. This is an interactive field guide which lets you search North American birds by location, color, shape and habitat. What’s more interesting about this app is that you can access this as a standalone app and have the media information in its database without an an Internet connection. You can have this for $4.99.

MakeUp Free
Here’s one of the cool iPhone apps for girls. Learn to groom yourself with the free makeup tips and advice from experts in the beauty and fashion world. Get to know about the hairstyles, make up types and much more and look your best with this and many similar cool iPhone applications from the beauty section. So all those fashion loves, download this app for free and stay in vogue.

Apart from the cool iPhone apps you can check out many more from music, entertainment, education, books, travel, outdoors and other categories. While some of these cool apps for iPhone are free, you will need to spend a few bucks for the others. Get the best and most of your iPhone with these amazing apps.

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