Coolest New IPhone Apps

07 Jul
iPhone apps will make money if you have great ideas. If you want to learn how to write, but tired of reading books, try to download the video from Stanford University. The first lecture is already available in iTunes U or free. It’s shot 2 days ago so the content is fresh. You will be […]
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iFart, therefore I am (the #1 iPhone app). Or something like that. iFart is fast becoming one of the most popular iPhone/iPod Touch applications out there. The developer of iFart, Joel Comm, has been pretty forthcoming with sales figures, and on his blog he noted that over Christmas Eve and Christmas day, more than 58,000 […]
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Which apps are popular in Apple iPhone or iTouch store so you get an idea what people are buying more
Apple has worked hard to position the iPod Touch as a portable gaming platform, and according to a recent study by ComScore, they have succeeded in doing exactly that.
The comprehensive study, released yesterday, shows that both the Touch and the iPhone, according to apps installed, have a user base that has bought into the mobile […]
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Many of the get-rich-quick iPhone stories we’ve seen involve small development efforts – one or two people – selling enough apps for $1 each that they can quit their day jobs and work on iPhone stuff all the time. But some companies are also making a nice amount of revenue from in-app ads, according to […]
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Great news $20 per app/game paid by 1000 interested customers do the math
Posted on 20. Jun, 2009 by admin.
The App Store has been an absolute revelation. With over 500 million downloads already, Apple itself is making money, and so are the thousands of developers, both amateur and professional. Meanwhile, the iPhone has started to compete with more established games consoles such as the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS. So who can blame Apple […]
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Good news you can make more money if you are creating iPhone apps
iPhone Apps are becoming expensive.
Developers and consumers alike are still figuring out the iPhone App Store. The applications being made available are slowly improving in quality, and buyers are qualifying their purchases more, not just buying the latest app to find its way on to the marketplace. And pricing is also changing, with a lot […]
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Tips to make more money from iPhone apps: How to sell your apps
There are now over 15,000 iPhone apps available from the App Store. Some are good, some are bad, some are fun, and some are serious. Between them all, they’ve been downloaded over 500 million times, but the individual sales tallies for each app vary wildly. Some are hugely popular, making their developers small fortunes. iShoot […]
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How to create your own simple iPhone App or iPhone application
Another not so old wizkid shows how to develop your own Apple iPhone application
Video Tutorial showing how to create a simple Web app for your iPhone in less than 15 minutes
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How to Make Money from Free iPhone Apps or Games
Apple now offers over a thousand applications in its App Store. Of that, about 90% cost less than $10, and about 20% are free. While 200 free applications is nothing to balk at, the number should be much greater. There are very few free, but branded applications offered through the App Store. Are marketers missing […]
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How to make money from iPhone Apps
Lots of money earned through iPhone Apps.
The Apple iTunes App Store has been a phenomenal success, with 100 million downloads taking place in just the first 60 days of operation. The iPhone and iPod Touch Software Development Kit has made it possible for anyone to become an application developer, and some of these independent developers […]
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