IPhone Apps for Current News and Business Management – Best IPhone Apps Found To Be The Best On Offer

07 Jul

IPhone Apps for Current News and Business Management – Best IPhone Apps Found To Be The Best On Offer

The Apple iPhone brought in a revolution in cell phone technology. Riding on the 3G wave, it has transformed the ordinary cell phone from being just a phone to being your communication portal with the world that provides a rich multimedia experience. You can have a video chat through your phone, create, edit and share videos and photos, listen to the latest music, and browse online. The iPhone is your truly ‘smart’ phone. Its utility can be enhanced by a range of applications that you can download and install along with the best iPhone accessories. Out of the more than 20000 on offer, I have picked ten must have iPhone apps for your perusal. These apps can substantially enhance your iPhone’s utility. Just check them out!

While people were coming to terms with the difference between iPhone 3G and 3GS, its 4G version was unveiled. With the Apple iPhone 4G unveiled, Apple’s smart phone just got even better with more versatility built into it. While checking out the Apple iPhone review, I also happened to browse through the smart new apps designed for it. You will find some of the best apps listed below. I particularly found the music apps very interesting.

Must Have iPhone Apps 2010

There is a pot pourri of applications available for your iPhone in the Apple iPhone store. Of all the available applications some are free while some come at a price. Here are the must have iPhone apps for people who want to harness the power that iPhone puts at their disposal. Most of these apps even work on the Apple iPad. I have sorted these best iPhone apps into categories based on their utility.

Must Have iPhone Apps For Music Lovers
Here are some of the best iPhone apps for music lovers.

Pandora Internet Radio: Pandora Radio fetches the latest music from your favorite artists for you. You can have an endless stream of music through the Pandora radio station. It is music specially chosen for you according to your choices. You can take your pick from genres ranging from pop, to rock, jazz and classical. It is your personalized radio station and one of the must have iPhone apps if you are a die hard music lover.

Shazam: Shazam identifies any song for you if you hold the iPhone in front of the speaker and lets you download it from iTunes! You can capture any song you like, on your phone!

Guitar Toolkit: The Guitar Toolkit application lets you play over 500,000 chord variations and turn your iPhone into a virtual guitar! It can identify any chord for you when you touch the chord fretboard. It comes with a built in metronome and tuner.

Beat Maker: Beat Maker converts your Apple iPhone into a small music studio. Record, edit and compose your own music and share it with friends.

Concert Vault: This application gives you access to a rich store of live concert recordings from the 1960s to the present day and that too for free!

Must Have iPhone Apps For Moms
Here are some of the best and latest iPhone apps for moms who are into cooking!

Kitchen Calculator Pro: Kitchen calculator Pro gives you the facility of customizing your serving size, and does all the conversion work from cups to grams and vice versa. It is designed to do all the ingredient math for you thus ensuring that you have just the right proportions for your recipe.

Jamie Oliver 20 Minute Meals: This application provides you step by step instructions on great recipes from none other than the star chef Jamie Oliver.

Besides these cooking applications, there are loads of apps for moms and dads that help in entertaining, managing and teaching kids. This includes ‘Elmo’s Monster Maker’, ‘Baby Phone’ and ‘iWriteWords’. Just check out the iPhones store.

Must Have iPhone Apps For Everybody
Here are some of the best iPhone apps on offer that are simply too good not to have.

Google Earth: One of the must have iPhone apps for free, Google Earth brings satellite imagery of any terrain in the world to your iPhone. It is a great application that can guide you in finding addresses around the city.

Skype: Skype application for your Apple iPhone can do everything that its desktop counterpart does and lets you call anybody around the globe or sms them for free.

Around Me: What do you do when you want to find the nearest bank or mall around you? You just turn to the Around Me iPhone application and enter your location. It does the job of pointing out all the closest shops, hospitals, air ports and other such places around you.

Tweetie: Tweet from your iPhone any time!

iCam: Monitor and keep an eye on your home and office through your web cam and watch it through your iPhone! It converts your iPhone into a security camera!

Remote: This iPhone application lets you convert your cell phone into a universal remote control. You can configure it to control music on your computer or apple TV.

There are loads of must have iPhone apps for college students that provide everything from connectivity to social networking sites like Facebook, to academic help. There are iPhone apps for current news and business management even. If you are a traveler, there are loads of apps that navigate you around the globe and provide useful information. Just visit the iPhone store to download these apps as soon as possible!

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