The Best IPhone Apps 2011 That You Can Have In Your IPhone – The Best IPhone Apps 2011 for IPhone Lovers

07 Jul

The Best IPhone Apps 2011 for IPhone Lovers – The Best IPhone Apps 2011 That You Can Have In Your IPhone

The iPhone store comes with more than 1000 apps every week for its iPhone users. The rising popularity of the apple iPhone is because of its great sensor touch and the thousands of applications that Apple Computers has to offer. Apple has introduced apps for people from all walks of life. Gamers, music lovers, travelers or business men have their own preferences when it comes to iPhone applications. Now 2011 has already started and Apple is back with the best iPhone apps 2011 for iPhone lovers.

Top iPhone Apps 2010

Many of the best iPhone apps 2011 are games or music softwares for teens or adults. They become popular fast because an iPhone user can download them very easily and use them until he/she’s bored and then move on to download something new. So let’s have a look at some of the best iPhone apps 2011.

Apple iBooks 1.1
Don’t mistakenly take it as just an e-book reader. It’s also an excellent PDF reader. This cool app uses a fancy bookshelf to arrange your books and PDF documents. Plus you also get some old classics to read for free from Apple’s online store. Apple iBooks becomes more useful when you function it with more Apple devices.

One of the most useful iPhone apps, Chomp has surprised every iPhone user. Chomp is an app which allows you to find other applications. You can review other apps and also leave your own views. Chomp also recommends apps for you based on your own reviews, which means you will be finding new games and products as soon as they are launched. Enough said, Chomp is an amazing concept and product which every iPhone user should have.

Dropbox 1.2.2
People who have and love computers and laptops, this apps is for you. Dropbox allows you to access your personal files on any of them. Dropbox provides you with a 2GB file storage that can be easily accessed from any computer. On your iPhone, Apple iPad and iPod Touch, this apps allows you to view videos, photos, spreadsheets, presentations and documents that you have saved in your personal folder.

If you have an iPhone 3G you probably cannot record a video. Not anymore, with iCamcorder you can record video even if your iPhone is not of the latest version. It can click 15 pictures in a second and also record sound with it. iCamcorder creates a slideshow like no other which acts like a video recording. This is one of the must have iPhone apps when you have an older version of iPhone.

Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List 2.1
If you love food then you must be knowing Epicurious and its 100,000 recipes. One of the best iPhone apps 2010, this application lets you look at your favorite recipes like your checking your shopping list. You can also select your favorite recipes and turn them into a cookbook. You will also get some annoying ads, but I think most of us would be ready to take that with this free amazing apps.

Evernote 3.3.5
If you believe that you forget things very easily, then Evernote can be a lifesaver. This app provides you various ways to keep notes which include text, voice and photos and also gives you a way to access them from the homepage of your phone with Evernote’s software. Listed as the one of the top 10 iPhone apps, Evernote makes it easy to write down important information, locations and phone numbers that you might need to refer from time to time.

NY Times 2.3.3
Most of the young people would wonder, “do I need a news apps?”. Yes you do, as it’s very necessary to update yourself with the current events happening in your country. Many people prefer to go on the Internet and read news; but this app will be of great use when you don’t have an Internet connection. Plus the New York Times is a sea of content even when other newspapers are cutting back on information. With such cool iPhone apps you would also need the best iPhone accessories to make your phone an all rounder.

Remote 1.3.3
Apple’s Remote apps turns your iPhone or Apple iPod Touch in to a fully loaded remote control for music on your PC or Apple TV. While your music is playing, album network is displayed on your phone screen and you can even edit playlists. This apps will only work of you have a home Wi-Fi connection. So safety of your Apple iTunes is in your hands or your family members.

These are some of the best iPhone apps 2011 that you can have in your iPhone. You can download all of these amazing apps from the iPhone store. Most of the iPhone apps are free but you will also find some which are paid.

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