The Best iPhone Apps Are the Most Fun!

07 Jul

What are the best iPhone apps out there? How does one even define the “best iPhone apps”. There are some qualities that people would be inclined to attribute to the best iPhone apps: innovativeness, functionability, and price are all likely candidates. However, these traits aren’t really indicative of what should properly be considered to qualify an iPhone app amongst the best iPhone apps. Certainly, innovativeness is important, but an iPhone app could be based on a simplistic formula or code, and still be amongst the best iPhone apps. Similarly, price is an element one should consider when determining the best iPhone apps, but it is not an overall qualifier. Naturally, a less pricy iPhone app is more desirable, but it’s not what defines a great iPhone app. Finally, an app that functions properly is an obvious necessity, but it’s only a partial quality that represents the best iPhone apps.

Truly, the best iPhone apps are fun!! They’re the apps you don’t want to put down. They’re the apps you can’t play enough. They’re the apps that make you recharge your iPhone! Who are some of the producers of the best iPhone apps? Certainly Doctor Ingenious and the people at Ingenious Technology have a claim. Their variety of trivia apps spans the range of popular culture. First off is their line of popular bible trivia apps. The bible trivia apps include questions from each of the different books from the Old and New Testaments. The questions span areas ranging from bible trivia known to the general public to arcane areas known by true biblical scholars.

Probably the most fun iPhone apps made by Ingenious Technology are the 80s and 90s trivia games. The nostalgia stirred by these decades is apparent. Fond memories from people’s childhood are evoked with these fun iPhone apps. The 80s and 90s trivia games include questions on general pop culture – music, film, politics, fashion, and everything else you can imagine in between.

Learning can also be fun, and some of the best iPhone apps are tutorials meant to improve upon a person’s language skills. Ingenious Technology produces iPhone apps that help build a person’s vocabulary and grammatical skills in different languages.

Check out for some of the best iPhone apps out there, all made by Ingenious Technology.

Lily Candice is regular article writer for best iPhone apps at Apps First – Game site of Ipad Games, Trivia Games, Best Iphone Apps for Kids and Bible Trivia.

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