Top 5 iPhone App Marketing Tips

07 Jul

Building an app submitting it to AppStore and calling it a day is not the ideal thing any developer should do. With the AppStore flooded with plethora of applications it is must that developers also market an app not just build them. Iphone App Marketing is different from other types of marketing as it needs a different approach and strategy.

Keyword Optimized title, description and keywords
Having app specific keywords in title and description is very important in order that an application appears in the organic search. Long tail keywords which has medium competition and mostly searched for have to be chosen when optimizing the iTunes page. Keyword phrases has to entered in the keywords option while submitting an app to the AppStore.

Regular Updates
Updating the application regularly by making it compatible with higher versions of operating systems will encourage people to download the application which indirectly boosts ranking in AppStore. More the number of downloads higher the possibility of an application getting in to hot right now and noteworthy apps section.

Get PR and Blog Reviews
Press releases are a great way to build a buzz around an application. Creating news and buzz before an app goes live in the AppStore is important as it gives the much needed media coverage and positive influence. There are many high traffic blogs which does paid and free reviews of application on their blogs. A video review would also do good.

Buy downloads and Reviews
There are many iPhone app downloads and reviews services on the web. Getting a minimum number of downloads is important as it boosts ranking in organic search, top 25 of the day, App of the week and also improves position

Giveaway Promo Codes to Bloggers
Giving away promo codes on prominent blogs in contests builds app awareness and will encourage people to download the application and review it.

iPhone Foot Print is a top resource in iPhone app reviews and iPhone related tips.

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