What are The Best Selling iPhone Apps?- Purchasing The Best Selling IPhone Apps Get Good Returns for Your Money

07 Jul

selling iPhone apps of all time have raked in millions of dollars for its developers, and this is exactly why developing iPhone apps is becoming a very lucrative and competitive affair. More and more people are opting to purchase an iPhone today, and the apps that can be run on it is one of the most attractive features of the device.

Today there are more than 300,000 apps in the Apple App Store and this is three times more than the number of apps in the store of the closest competitor, Android. The operating system offers a great User Interface Experience, and these apps are the icing on the cake. No matter what category you are searching in, you will always find some great app that will help you perform a variety of functions.

What are the Best Selling iPhone Apps

No matter what category you are looking for, you will always find some apps that are far more useful and rich with features than others. For the developers of these apps, this signifies great potential for revenue, because the number of downloads for the best selling ones often runs into millions.

Angry Birds
Developed by Rovio, Angry Birds is the definitive iPhone app. This is a game that requires you to apply some concepts of physics to manipulate the catapulted flights of birds, who are looking to rescue their captured eggs from tyrannical pigs. The game fist released in December 2009, and it has seen more than 7 million iPhone downloads. Costing 99 cents, that amounts to $7 million. A close follower is Doodle Jump, with about 6.9 million downloads.

The Moron Test
Created by the Malagon brothers, this is a highly addictive app that asks you a series of seemingly simple questions with some unpredictable answers to check your intelligence. The paid version of the game is far more fun than the free one, and around 2 million downloads of this paid version have been recorded. Another all-time favorite, Tetris by EA Sports, is also close behind with about 1.5 million paid downloads.

Dr. Hooman Zohoor developed this app that helps you plan your fitness and workout routines. The app will also provide you with video directions and instructions, and it costs $1.99. Around 2 million downloads of this app have been recorded. This app can be included in lists of top 10 iPhone apps and best iPhone apps 2010.

Bejeweled 2
This is another classic game that counts as one of the best selling iPhone apps ever. Developed by PopCap, this app has seen about 4 million downloads. It is an expensive app though, coming in at $2.99. As you may have noticed, most of the best selling iPhone apps are games. Some other notable mentions are Pocket God with 3 million downloads, Flight Control with 3 million downloads, Skee Ball with 2.5 million downloads and Flick Fishing with 2 million downloads.

When you access the Store you can also surf through the most popular section and find some of the best selling iPhone apps 2010 that everyone is downloading. These are listed in the category based on the volume of downloads, so this is a cycle that causes further sales. You will find many great new apps in this manner, and this is the whole point of the App Store. You are meant to browse through it and download some of the apps that get your attention.

Purchasing the best selling iPhone apps also ensures that you get good returns for your money. After all, if everyone is purchasing a particular one, that means there is something special about it. You can also try the trial version of some apps for free, before you go ahead and actually purchase them. These apps are developed to entertain you, so you should pick the ones that seem the most interesting.

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