iPhone Gaming: Apps Prices are too Cheap to be Missed

23 Jul

This is a continuation of an article about the iPhone, and why it is my gaming console preference nowadays. Before it was between the ps3 or pc, based on the history of consoles. But now, practicality and “coolness” says to me that iPhone is the gaming console that can be more practical without sacrificing gaming fun.

Great graphics, cool company, although I am not an affiliate or an advertiser for Apple, I think it is the coolest handheld gaming console I possess so far. From the previous article, I have discussed that there are Sony and Nintendo consoles, which are all great no questions about it, but the iPhone caught my attention a few days after I met it and didn’t let go.

There are many apps out there for our own mobile phones, and we enjoy games while on the road or bored. As for me, there were times that games in phones were a burden because first of all, my mobile phone ( I don’t want to name names ) didn’t have great graphics and a large memory to keep up with the gaming needs. And it made the phone slow and could not function properly anymore.

iPhone apps are great, not only can the hardware back up the great graphics and gameplay of every game, but the apps are cheap! $9.95 or less, I wouldn’t have to worry about my conscience having to pirate games ( which is bad by the way) just to enjoy the full versions of the games available.

But I think one of the greatest thing about this is that there are literally a flood of apps out there, and there are many more independent and non-independent developers who make games out of innovation and response to every taste available. All genres that you want to enjoy, from RPG to casual games, apps growing by the minute can be a real delight of choices for every iPhone Gaming aficionado.

iPhone gaming is rising, and timing as it is, the practicality of costs iPhone apps offers will be one of the greatest reasons I have now that will make me a die hard fan of the iPhone.


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