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10 Aug
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I was thinking about  a  tweet I  read this  week , asking  how to get my boyfriend back.

And I  thought, about how society is creating adrenaline  junkies.

They can are bombarded with   tons of data, microwave meal, drive thru meals, speed dating.

The speed  in which they  live is amazing, along with the pressures to succeed in a highly

Competitive world. How do I get my boyfriend  back.

Just think with so much time spend absorbing,  how do we find  love?  To me love represents  the other 45 minutes. To a person that live for the thrill of the 15 minute adrenaline rush  they spend the other 45 minutes recuperating.  You know the guy or girl  that is drunk in 15 minute or high, or lock in to completion, or something always something.

Now  where do you fit in are you just a adrenaline rush for someone and  you’ve  convince yourself

Your in  love?  What about the other 45 minutes?  How important are  you to this person  during  the other 45 minute where There’s no adrenaline?

Is he a 15 minute person or are you. To find love you  must  find  someone who loves the 45 minute with you.

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