Making History ! Carmelo Anthony Wins Scoring Title

I;m glad to see carmelo cross over to one of the best in the game.

Kittian Hunnie


New York Knick’s Carmelo Anthony has beat Kevin Durant for the NBA Scoring Title. Carmelo is the second New York Knicks player in history to win the NBA single’s scoring title. He beat Durant by a landslide. Durant’s scoring average is 28.1 and Melo’s average 28.7. We know the biggest Knicks fan who always sits courtside wearing orange and blue, Spike Lee, is extremely ecstatic to hear this news. Congrats Carmelo Anthony!


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REVEALED! Security Photos Reveal Middle Eastern Men With Backpacks At Boston Marathon.

So many people watching but know bodys watching

Rivers of Hope

BREAKING NEWS: These photos clearly reveal the covert team that planned and set off the bombs that maimed and killed people at the Boston Marathon on Monday. These are the actual security camera photos from the day of the race. In these photos, you can clearly see men of Middle Eastern descent with backpacks that disappear. Draw your own conclusions. 


In this photo we see what appears to be a Middle Eastern man with a backpack one moment, and no backpack shortly after. What happened to his backpack?


Close-up of same man after he shed his backpack.


Unidentified man crouching in a doorway and obviously trying not to be spotted. He also has a backpack.



Same Middle Eastern man with a caucasian partner, they are obviously military or members of a militant organization.

Photo Source – 4Chan Think Tank

by NTEB News Desk

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Phil Wants back in …Lawrence Frank says extend me …are you kidding?

I wondered how long it would be before he return. competition has come back to the game so has his.


Lawrence FrankPhil Jackson

After sitting out for the last two years, Phil Jackson wants back in the NBA, here’s the catch …not as a headcoach but as GM. What has Jackson really intrigued, sources say, is the opportunity to oversee an organization in the patriarchal style of Pat Riley with the Miami Heat or in a role similar to that previously held by Larry Bird with the Indiana Pacers.

But it remains to be seen if a team will give him that sort of chance, given that the 67-year-old Jackson is the most successful coach in league history with 11 championship rings and has never held a prominent NBA personnel job.
With openings this off season, Jackson will have teams talking to him to gauage his interest and it is possible a team might become creative enough to let him be coach/GM.
Brooklyn hasn’t taking the interim tag of PJ Carlesimo and may…

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King Bron

The fact is he has been the king of the since he picked up a ball, his understanding of the game make him the king.

The Thurst is Real

The brutal truth is, LeBron is the King of the NBA. I know this is obvious to you all, however there still tends to be too many oblivious MFs (Major Fans) out there who don’t realize his greatness. Bron Bron will win his second ring this year. That is the truth….the brutal truth.

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SOURCE: Bombs Were Likely In Pressure Cookers In Backpacks

(CNN) — On their own, they’re simple household items.

Pressure cookers. Nails. Nylon bags.

But combine them with explosives, and you can get the kind of bombs that investigators now suspect were used to turn the finish line of the Boston Marathon into a bloody nightmare.

Scraps of them found at the scene of the twin bombings are being sent to the FBI’s national laboratory, where technicians will try to reconstruct the devices, the federal agent leading the investigation said Tuesday. Meanwhile, investigators combed through a digital mountain of photos and video clips and asked the public for help finding who planted them at two points on Boylston Street.

“Someone knows who did this,” said Rick DesLauriers, the special agent in charge of the FBI’s Boston office. “Cooperation from the community will play a crucial role in this investigation.”

DesLauriers asked people to report anyone who talked about targeting Monday’s…

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15 Minutes of fun

Vector image of two human figures with hands i...

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I was thinking about  a  tweet I  read this  week , asking  how to get my boyfriend back.

And I  thought, about how society is creating adrenaline  junkies.

They can are bombarded with   tons of data, microwave meal, drive thru meals, speed dating.

The speed  in which they  live is amazing, along with the pressures to succeed in a highly

Competitive world. How do I get my boyfriend  back.

Just think with so much time spend absorbing,  how do we find  love?  To me love represents  the other 45 minutes. To a person that live for the thrill of the 15 minute adrenaline rush  they spend the other 45 minutes recuperating.  You know the guy or girl  that is drunk in 15 minute or high, or lock in to completion, or something always something.

Now  where do you fit in are you just a adrenaline rush for someone and  you’ve  convince yourself

Your in  love?  What about the other 45 minutes?  How important are  you to this person  during  the other 45 minute where There’s no adrenaline?

Is he a 15 minute person or are you. To find love you  must  find  someone who loves the 45 minute with you.

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